I have dreamed (well, not quite dreamed, but I have sure wished awfully hard) that on one of these air trips I would be privileged enough to discover a sky marshal.  It would only be a privilege if I wasn’t the one in trouble, of course.  You see, I am so very nosy that I really want to know if I have a marshal on my flight and I want to know who it is.

I came close this weekend, but alas, this has alluded me yet again. 

The man in the seat behind was caught smoking in the lavatory.  Who does this?!?  How can someone really think that no one will know?  I must say that he did a pretty good job covering his tracks since I never smelled any smoke.

So even though no sky marshal jumped up to deal with this egregious offense, the head flight attendant was mighty mean.  “Sir, we know there was someone smoking in the lavatory.  We have proof that it was you.  Do you understand that we have no question that you were the one breaking the law by smoking on the plane?  We found the cigarette.  The captain needs your assurance that this will not happen again on the flight.  Otherwise, he will..(ACK, I could not hear what he would do!  Would he send the sky marshal over to tackle him?)

They just had an officer waiting for him when we landed…