Just to keep some people happy

I have been away from the blog for some very, very good reasons.  My life has been incredibly interesting and all, you know.  I have traveled on that exotic vacation that I have long dreamed of (the cruise down the Nile River was awesome!), met, dated, and dumped a guy(yep, told you it has been busy!), written a book, and spent time with some very cute nieces and nephews.

So of course, only the last part is true.  Otherwise my life is pretty normal and unvaried.  I did cut my hair shorter and that gives me something to say when everyone asks what is new-“Well, in case you didn’t notice, my hair is short and blonde!”  Great conversation starter. 🙂

I did attend the Twin Lakes Church Christmas musical last night and everyone who lives around here should definitely try to go.  They have put together a very impressive and varied program, and my little sister Lizzy is in the children’s ensemble.

Random Fact about the musical-

when they projected some seemingly random photos, I recognized one.  There was Pioneer Woman’s daughter, right there is Aptos.  The fact that I knew who she was right away made we wonder if I might know too much about this family.  Which leads to…

Random Fact about me-

I was a fan of the Pioneer Woman before it was big.  Really, truly I was.  I might not be a fan of any bands before anyone else, but…ahem, she is a homeschool mom and I read her stuff before she went big time.  I was a reader back when there where more like 20 comments on a post.  I also own her calendar.  Super dorky, right?!?  It gets better…

I even have my calendar signed by Pioneer Woman and Cowboy Josh.  And you don’t even know who they are, do you?!?