I am not pretending that my random thoughts are particularly interesting, insightful or impactful, but this is all that comes to mind and I promised myself that I would post more often.  But don’t worry, there is nothing on my list of goals that says you have to read every post, so everything is good!

Why do we, as educated, civilized Americans, think it is somehow ok to leave our trash, quite frequently fast-food trash, in the parking lot?  What have we not been passing on to subsequent generations so that now it seems to be acceptable among far too many people to simply open your door and set your lunch trash on the ground? 

What makes a person a grocery cart returner?  And not just a returner, but a neat stacker of carts?  How can we get more of these?

Did you know that people still buy Wonder Bread, even here in the enlightened state of California?  I knew that people must, since it is still on the shelves, but I was none the less surprised to see it in the groceries in front of me.  I don’t think I know anyone who buys it (my mom never did, even when we wanted her to), and if you are a Wonder Bread purchaser, feel free to come clean here, but know that it might make me wonder about you, even if I love you.  🙂

And for my final thought, why oh why does my Safeway now have all kinds of photocopied sale sheets plastered on the front doors and all around the cheese/deli case?  It looks so supremely tacky, and it will only serve to drive me to the new Whole Foods…