Although I proudly blog without obligation, even I must admit that this has been a disappointing dry spell.  It is certainly time to re-enter the blog world, and I have absolutely no reason for the long absence. 🙂

No excuses, but I do have something new.  I have entered the crazy world of Crossfit, and Crossfit and I have a very complicated love/hate relationship.  Crossfit is a fitness program that has been pushing me to my physical limits, bringing sore muscles, nausea after a workout, and the feeling that I might not be able to even go one more step.  It also brings strength, endurance, a sense of accomplishment, and the knowledge that I am taking giant steps toward better health and fitness. 

You can go here to see a picture of me and some of my fellow CFers.  I will warn you that a few minutes of browsing the CF West Santa Cruz site with the thought that I go there will probably bring your jaw to the floor.  It is truly shocking, I know. 

I will try to not become a tedious CF workout of the day poster here on my blog, but I just might pop out with something now and then.  I have even discovered that Crossfit is the classical fitness program.  Stay tuned for that fascinating connection! 🙂