This week marked my return to the CF box (gym) after almost 2 weeks off.  I was excited to get back to it, but would have gladly missed it had an injury, any injury presented itself.  My first day back wasn’t too bad, but then today…ooohh…this was a toughie all around. 

It all started with the warm-up which included all kinds of fun exercises to throw off my balance.  Then we worked on handstand push-ups for our first skill exercise.  Yep, handstand push-ups, as in you stand on your hands and lower your head almost to the floor, push-up and then repeat as many times as possible.  So how many was I able to do???

Of course, none!  I’m not even ready to try a handstand!  🙂  So I did scaled handstand push-ups, with my feet on a box, my rear up and my head as close to vertical as I could possibly get it.  I am sure it was a comical sight, and this was one of those moments that I thank the CF powers that be who are anti-gym mirrors.

The actual work-out of the day was a dozy too- 3 rounds of 50 m shuttle, 3 clean and jerks, 50 m dumb-bell lunges, 100 m farmer’s walk, 10 dumb-bell thrusters, and 10 box jumps.

I know I will feel it tomorrow!