Our Montana Cabin

Our Montana Cabin

I know you all thought this would never come, but there are in fact more wonderful pictures from our vacation.  Those who know me can imagine that I was a bit unsure of this whole venture when we pulled up to this cabin.  It is TINY and simple, and as much as I want to be content with simple things when that is what I am given, in the moment that we arrived at the cabin, I faced the fact that I still need to adjust my expectations and responses. 

I admit that the sight of this cabin left me a bit worried. But there was no need to even think twice about it!  The cabin was absolutely perfect for our week of rest and relaxation.  It was small, simple and just barely held all of us and our rather small load of stuff, but it was just what we needed.

There is no question that one of the best things about the cabin was our view of the lake.