How can I possibly decide what to include in the “about” page?  What part of my life would interest you enough to make you want to read my blog?

 I am a teacher and director of a tutorial program to aid classical Christian homeschoolers.  Being from a family of 10 children, I have lots of fun and interesting experiences, but being the oldest I was too busy trying to be in charge of everything to have all the fun that the middle kids had. 🙂 

Actually, I must admit that God has brought many interesting, fun, amazing and sometimes difficult things into my life.  These are the things that have made me who I am today and I am eternally grateful that my life is in God’s hands, not my own.

(And since I have been accused of being too anonymous, my name is Leah.)


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. ya never know who might be lurking on your blog! How are your albums coming along??? : ) I LOVE the digital. Have you tried? Trying to get a beach retreat together for Feb. (maybe Nov. too). Will let you know.


  2. Leah,
    Not sure if you remember me but I am a friend of the Betti girls. I met you one time when I was visiting Amber, a long time ago. I just saw your pick on Stef’s blog and I was like…I’ remember her! I found your blog SO interesting. Can’t wait to keep up with it. I am in the beginning stages of homeschooling and it’s great to hear what you are doing.


  3. baldricman said:

    hi Leah
    I stumbled across your blog only now (I’m a recent convert to blogging), and thought I’d say hi. I’ve enjoyed the few posts I’ve skimmed so far, looking forward to hearing more.
    By the way, my wife is a teacher at a Christian school too, here in South Africa (Cape Town specifically).

    Baldric (i.e. Kevin)

  4. Hi Leah, I am writing to let you know that Pacific Cookie Company is now fresh baking Gluten-Free chocolate chip with sea salt and snickerdoodles daily!! Here is the press release:
    Contact: Cara Pearson
    831) 429-9709 / cara@pacificcookie.com

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