the Basis of Culture (52 Edition) Cover 

So, I am taking notes on this beautiful book (it is just way to lovely to mark up) and I realized that I was proceeding at a rate of about one quote per page…it isn’t a long book, but at this rate I’ll have too many notes to keep track of. 

Here are a few to help you love this book-

“Look at the worker and you will see that his face is marked by strain and tension…They are the revealing marks of the intellectual sclerosis that comes with not being able to receive or accept, of that hardening of the heart that refuses to suffer anything…”

“The highest moral good is characterized by effortlessness-becuase it springs from love.”

and a quote of Goethe, “…in that way I was useful to society as a whole; I contented myself with expressing what I recognized as good and true.  That has certainly been useful in a wide circle; but that was not the aim; it was the necessary result.”